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About Kimball Electronics

  • Kimball Electronics has been in the wholesale distribution business for over 90 years.

    Kimball Electronics was founded in 1921 by Charles A. Kimball, father of Richard A. Kimball, Sr., and grandfather of Richard A. Kimball, Jr. (Kim), who is the owner and President of Kimball Electronics.

    We entered the Electronics Distribution arena in 1951. Throughout the years, Kimball Electronics has always maintained a strong presence in the electromechanical field.

    We have an experienced and professional distribution team -- the best in the business!

  • Quality Policy

    Kimball Electronics is committed to consistently meeting customer, regulatory, and statutory requirements, through the continual review and improvement of its quality management system.

  • Mission Statement

    Kimball Electronics’ mission is to be flexible, responsive and dedicated in becoming the company of choice by its customers, employees and suppliers through the promotion of innovative products and process solutions.

  • ISO Certified

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